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Types of challenges

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube giveaways, or among newsletter subscribers, e-commerce clients or event attendees, etc. Select the winners randomly and transparently.


Contests on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network or digital support. You can ask users to participate with photos, texts or videos, and, optionally, activate voting to increase viral reach.


Create engagement and brand recognition by offering fun and entertainment to your audience while capturing leads. Share the games on social media, your web or other channels.


Create an app with questions and answers that users must respond to win a direct prize or enter the prize draw. Get contact details from all participants and obtain qualified leads.


Create and distribute codes to the participants in exchange for their contact details. Wide range of options: unique codes in different formats, vouchers, downloadable content, etc


Let us know your idea for a challenge or contest and we will help you to make it happend.

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